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We offer 100 percent contactless tire change. What does it mean?

18-11-2020 00:41

We offer 100 percent contactless tire change. What does it mean?
Starting from the first wave of COVID-19 and spring emergency situation, we offer 100 percent contactless tire change. However, you need to know something when making a booking.

The process begins with making an online booking for the workshop you want to go to. After selecting the day and time, you should select "contactless full 4-tire change" under "service method" and pay via the bank link. The price is the same as for a normal tire change. The difference is that in case of a regular change, you can also pay on the spot.

Our motto is that if contactless, then completely. Reaching the card terminal from the car window is not a completely contactless service. Turnkey delivery as well. If you feel sick or have milder symptoms, it is worth to take care of oneself as well as others.
If the tires of the next season are at your own disposal, you should lift these out of the car and leave in front of a workshop before your time of tire change. The instruction for the latter will also be sent to the customer. After the work is done, the tires will remain in our tire hotel. This is a required element of this service. The ones who already have tires in our hotel do not have to leave the car at all before carrying out the work.

Now you drive into the workshop and stay in the car. This is one important rule for a 100 percent contactless tire change. Do not leave the car in the workshop. The process takes 25-40 minutes and you will be in the vehicle all this time.
As the service has already been paid for in advance and the tires remain in our hotel, you can leave immediately after tire change.

Important to know

• Customer safety is guaranteed. During a tire change, the car is raised 10-15 centimetres above the ground with the driver. This can be inconvenient, as you have to wait in the workshop and you cannot leave in the meantime, but the whole process is completely safe.

• We recommend that you come alone to have a 100% contactless tire change, at least without children. Do not move or jump in the car during the work. It must be taken into account that the vehicle is either on the lift or on jacks.

• We still offer regular full 4- tire change, where we try to ensure minimum human contacts.

Book contactless tire change in Tallinn, Peetri, Tartu, Viljandi or Pärnu here.

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