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What are the dimensions of your car tire?


 205/55 R16 91H

  205 - Tire width in millimeters

55 - percentage of the width of the tire height (in this case 55% of 205 mm)

R - radial Icon

16 - Rim diameter in inches

91 - Load (in this case is the maximum tire load capacity 615 kg)

H - Speed, maximum speed the tire can carry the load index, in this case the 210 km / h



AT - Maastikumustriga tire (All Terrain application)

C - Commercial vehicle tire (Cargo)

- Veljekaitsega tire (with rim protection)

ML - Rehvikülje Protective tire (leisten mit)

TL - Tubeless (without an inner circle)

M + S - snow or off-road tire (Mud & Snow)

OWL - highlighted with white tähtetega (Outline White lettering)

RF - Reinforced tire (Reinforced), RF = XL

XL - Increased capacity of the tire (Extra Load), XL = RF

E - Economy

AD - Alumiiniumnaast

DD - Teemantgeomeetriaga plaque

OD - Ovaalnaast

SC - Common / Scandinavian turvisesegu (Soft Compound)

SD- Terasnaast