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When did you do wheel-alignment?

Did you know that if you do not have wheels aligned on your car...

Shorter tire-life

If the wheels are not aligned according to the car specifications there will be excessive tire wear or uneven tire wear! This can shorten the life of the tires up to 70%

Noise from the tires

Not aligned wheels can cause uneven wear on tires and that can cause vibration and increased noise from the tires.

Increase fuel consumption

When th wheels are not aligned or they have uneven wear the car uses more energy to move and that causes bigger fuel consumption!

Rehvid Pluss OÜ uses modern 3D technology equipment to align your cars wheels. We use 4 post lifts that are 5,5m long and that means we can align wheels for bigger vehicles including vans. Regular check on the wheel alignment prolongues tire-life and decreases exessive fuel consumption. 

It is reccomended to check wheel alignment for every 6 months if you drive more or once a year if you do not drive so much. The wheel alignment check is lot cheaper than tires and fuel!


Description   Price
Chassis inspection    
Axles diagnostics   42 €
Front and rear axle inspection and adjustment for passenger car   60 €
Front and rear axle inspection and adjustment for vand   60 €
Front and rear axle inspection and adjustment for SUV   60 €