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Toyo Observe GSi5 111Q 275/55R19
Toyo Observe GSi5
196.22 €/pcl
2 pcs price
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Product info
Tire measure: 275/55R19
Tire type: Winter
Speed rating: 160 km/h
Load index:
Product code: 1598363TO
Is for use in severe snow conditions: Yes
Designed for use in Nordic weather conditions: Yes
rolling resistance staying on wet
tyre noise db
fuel icon
Fuel efficiency

Tyres account for up to 20% of your vehicle’s fuel consumption? Choosing tyres with a high fuel efficiency rating will give you more kilometres from your tank and lower your CO2 emissions. The fuel efficiency scale ranges from class A (best fuel economy) to class E (worst fuel economy). This indicator depends on the tyre’s rolling resistance. For each class, the fuel consumption increases by approximately 0.1 litres for every 100 km driven. Simply put, fuel-efficient tyres require less energy to roll. This ultimately translates into less fuel used and you’ll also be reducing your environmental impact!

rain icon
Wet grip

‘Wet grip’ is the tyre’s ability to stick to the road in wet conditions. NB! The European Union rating focuses only on one aspect of wet grip – the wet braking performance of the tyre. Wet grip is graded between class A and class E.

sound icon
Noise rating

The EU tyre ratings also consider the exterior noise a tyre generates while you are driving. By choosing a tyre with a good noise rating you can lower the impact of your driving on the surrounding environment. The noise level is sorted into classes A, B, and C. The rolling noise of the tyre is measured in decibels and the exact value is shown on the bottom part of the label. Tyres with a low noise level have between 67 and 71 dB. The highest level shows sound waves in between 72 and 77 dB. An increase of just a few decibels represents a big difference in noise levels. In fact, a difference of 3 dB doubles the amount of external noise the tyre produces.

snow icon
Snow tyre icon

The snow tyre icon shows that a tyre is suitable for severe snow conditions and is intended primarily for winter tyres meant for Southern Europe. It is used on 3PMSF marked tyres and it depicts a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol that is incorporated in the sidewall of such tyres.

ice icon
Ice tyre icon

The ice tyre icon indicates that a tyre provides shorter braking distance on ice covered roads in winter, it is only used for Nordic soft tyres. The image is a symbol of an ice stalagmite. As far as we know, the label is not incorporated in the sidewall of such tyres.

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Product additional info

Toyo Observe GSI5 is a studless winter tyre. Whether you’re driving in snow, slush, ice or slippery roads, the Observe GSI5 tyre has the technology to handle all winter and cold weather driving conditions. Toyo's Observe GSI5 is designed to give drivers strong grip on wet roads plus braking and traction in winter's colder temperatures. GSI5 has made its mark as a great winter tyre for those who are looking for a safe and dependable drive to make sure they and their loved ones get home safely in the colder months. Durability and long wear life are another strengths of the Toyo Observe GSI5.
Other additional info

* 3D - MULTI-WAVE SIPES - an advanced multi-directional sipe technology ensures maximum grip when you are cornering, accelerating or braking.
* ABSORBENT BAMBOO CARBONIC POWDER - offers better contact and increased safety as carbonic powder created from bamboo absorbs moisture on the road.
* ARROW LIFT TECHNOLOGY - helps propel the vehicle through slushy or snowy rutted roads.
* CONTINUOUS CENTRE RIB WITH SWING SIPE - ensures straight line stability while increasing ice traction in all directions.
* FIRST EDGE SIPE TECHNOLOGY - helps enhance initial traction when tyre is new by providing additional biting edges.
* INCREASED LEVELS OF SILICA AND IMPROVED DISPERSION IN COMPOUND - enhances wet grip, braking, and traction in low temperatures.
* LARGE TREAD BLOCKS WITH SAW TOOTHED EDGES - improves snow traction and braking.
* MICROBIT TECHNOLOGY IN COMPOUND - improves traction as ground walnut shell (one of the hardest natural substances in the world) dig and bite into the snow and ice like tiny spikes.
* SPIDER SIPE TECHNOLOGY - provides snow and ice traction in all directions.
* UNIDIRECTIONAL TREAD PATTERN - optimizes traction for both braking and acceleration.
* WIDE LATERAL GROOVES WITHIN THE TREAD - moves water out of the tyre.


PS: Don’t forget to look up the latest Toyo model Observe GSI6 as well!
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